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scrapped valentines [entries|friends|calendar]
Jimmy Crack Cocaine and I Don't Care

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we skinned a furby once [29 Mar 2008|01:24pm]
It's true I still have the remains somewhere. We're going to put it in a glass casing and put it on display whenever I move out again, by we- I mean Fanna, John and I. Now thats art. It's pretty scary looking once you take all that fur off. It's like looking at that creepy Daft Punk robot. Creepy.

Anyway, I want to chop my hair off and get my eyebrows done. I'm too lazy to get my eyebrows done.. it's just I never have any cash to give them a tip. And getting my hair done is more work. I need to go running too. I want to dye my hair too. But darker. Oh well. I'm done whining and moaning and I'm going to play with poodletastic.
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yep [03 Jan 2008|01:25am]
I like Adam.
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I like your booty but I'm not gay. [18 Jun 2007|04:55am]
[ mood | blah ]

goddamn I'm bored.


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